• Useful Resources for Identity Theft Victims

    Useful Resources for Identity Theft Victims

    Having the right resources to prevent identity theft or else learn how to cope with identity theft and take the steps to recover from the loss is essential, since more victims occur daily.

    Credit Reports

    First and foremost, you will require your credit reports copies or else information that will help you to see what is on your credit reports. The Free Credit Report site is just one area online where you can view copies of your reports.

    The site www.indotogelx.com is secure as you will see when you look in the search engine, noticing the "s" behind the http: in the area. The "s" stands for secure site. Or else, you can visit the TransUnion site, Experian site or Equifax to request an annual free copy of your report.

    If you have received your free annual report then you will need to view the updated copies or else pay the small fees to obtain personally copies of your reports.

    If you are an identity theft victim, you need to mail a letter to the three bureaus requesting a copy of your reports and provide proof of your identity, including utility receipts of last area lived, picture ID, rental or mortgage receipts, and social security number.

    Review the Credit Reports

    Once you have copies in your hands review the credit reports cautiously to ensure that nothing is showing on your report that does not belong to you. If you notice, any unauthorized debts report them instantly to the bureaus, disputing the actions.

    If you are an identity theft victim, make sure to monitor your reports carefully all through the year and from that point on. Some recommend that you review your credit reports during the first year at least twice and yearly after that, however, twice is not sufficient. Take it from someone that knows from experience.

    Identity thieves will work longer hours than most police officers to get what they desire and when they desire it. So, reviewing your credit reports only twice per year is leaving room for the perpetrator to take full control.

    For Recent Identity Theft Victim

    If you recently fell into the hands of an identity theft, be sure to report the crime instantly and keep copies of the police report. The police will do little to find the perpetrator unless you meet their special criteria of victims, but for the most part, you will have ammunition.

    Next, report the crime to the Federal Trade Commission Consumers, where you information will reach government officials. Again, expect little effort to find the perpetrator, but at most, you will have extra ammunition.

    If you have to go to the FBI and higher if essential to make the law work for you and to enforce that the perpetrator is caught. Unfortunately, identity theft victims not often receive justice. You might want to go online and read any information available on identity theft to learn how to protect, recover and take the steps to ensue the case.

    It is significant that you protect your self from identity theft, even if you are a victim. It is significant that you keep your personal information out of everyone's hands, including friends, family if necessary and so forth. All it takes is one mistake and your life can fall into anyone's hands at any time.

    Many people store information on computers, but this is a bad idea. Computers are far too risky of loss to store valuable information on them, thus store you information on discs, tapes and keep hard copies in a safe place for sufficiency.

    All of us are encouraged to change our passwords and PIN numbers at random to avoid loss. We are also encouraged to close any accounts if a thief has your information, including closing credit card accounts, bank accounts, and other accounts in your name.

    Keep watch over all new accounts, including statements you receive. Make sure you keep all copies of your receipts, even if the receipts do not seem important. Store the receipts, statements and any notes you keep on your self in a safe place.

    Finally, if you are a victim of identity theft, report the crime to the Department of Motor Vehicles also, since criminals holding your driver license will do anything in your name.

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