• Retirement Planning Tips

    It has been almost an year now when I wrote a post on retirement planning and it explains why retirement planning is so important. Thought of giving some tips on the same topic at www.dominoz88.com by writing this new post.

    Tips for Retirement Planning

    • Try to possess the wealth as long as you can. That means you should not give away your wealth too soon. Write a “will” and enjoy the wealth till your are around!
    • While it is important to have wealth, equally important is the type of asset where you have parked your money. You should not lock all or majority of your funds in such assets that don't allow cash flow.
    • Stay away from stock market, they are too risky to play with your retirement funds.
    • Starting any new business after retirement that requires significant amount of investment is also highly discouraged. You should play safe during the retirement phase.
    • Some people go for buying a bigger house with their retirement funds, which is not a requirement in most cases. If you have more than one house, consider giving it on rent. In that way you will get regular passive income.

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