• How To Report Identity Theft

    How To Report Identity Theft

    Identity theft has quickly become a serious issue, not only in America, but around the world as well. Every day a new victim finds them self fighting for their life back, while the law is moving slowly to reduce the problems.

    Credit bureaus are putting up Fraud Alerts and Freezes on victims' accounts, yet the Fraud Alerts are doing nothing more than causing the victim extra problems. Anyone that fall victim of identity theft should immediately report the crime.

    Identity theft victims should keep notes on all their activities, and store the notes in a safe environment. The victim should also keep all receipts of purchases and monitor their statements and credit reports frequently.

    Report to the Authorities

    At the first sign of identity theft, the case should be reported to the authorities and any police reports should be kept by you and the police. When you become a victim of a crime type up your own report and provide any details available to you keep a copy and provide the police a copy.

    Thus, the police cannot write down their own version of the crime, or leave out important details.

    Store in a Storage Medium

    In place of storing your notes, statements, reports, receipts, copies of credit reports and so forth on your computer, store the documents on storage mediums and keep a second set of copies in a storage file.

    During the length of time you notice any unauthorized activities take notes and place dates and times on the notes, and report them instantly, following the same steps www.pokerx88.com to reporting identity theft.

    Steps to reporting identity theft:

    1. Report the crime to the authorities right away.
    2. Report the crime to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).
    3. Report the crime to TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian and alert the bureaus that your identity was stolen. Provide the bureaus copies of your police reports and dispute any unauthorized charges.
    4. Close all accounts immediately and alert the sources that your identity was stolen. Thus, close bank accounts, credit card accounts, and so forth.
    5. Report to the Social Security Administration and Secretary of State (Department of Motor Vehicle) that your identity was stolen.
    6. Hire a specialist for handwriting if you are taking to court.
    7. Report the crime to your utility and phone providers that your identity was stolen.
    8. Continue to monitor your personal information and report any new findings immediately.
    9. Change new PIN numbers and Passwords randomly.
    10. Never give out your information to anyone over the Internet or phone lines, or at drive-thru areas.
    11. Dispute any charges against you on your credit reports that are unauthorized.
    12. Learn more about identity theft, including updates and fighting identity theft.
    13. Petition your governor and state representatives to stop identity theft.

    As citizens, we have the right to protect and petition our governors and state representatives to challenge new laws. Thus, each person that petitions or protests the laws increases new laws that will stop identity theft.

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